Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Cloth Diapers? Why?

High, my name is Sara and I'm addicted to cloth diapers. 

10 years ago, when my son was first born, we had a major issue. He was (and still is) allergic to soy. As he's gotten older his allergy has become more mild and it is more for when he ingests soy, but it is still there. So what does soy have to do with cloth diapers? Well one of the many things children with a severe soy allergy struggle with as babies is a reaction to the chemicals in disposable diapers that wick away the moisture from our babies' bums.

This means that my son had sores that were almost 2 cm deep on his tooshie where the diaper touched. It took us about a month and an allergy test to figure out what was going on. That lead us to make the switch to cloth diapers. That was when the addiction started. 

Now 10 years later we have a new baby and a stash of diapers that we don't have to pay for. Yet, is it worth the switch or should we just sell them off and switch to disposables? 

Now when I say cloth diapers that we use, I'm speaking about something extremely specific. All-in-One cloth diapers (AIO) These diapers come with an outside liner made from (usually) 

I'm not going to lie, we do use disposables too. Mostly at night since they allow her to stay dry longer. During the day we use cloth. After all, why not? When we do the cost break down a 76 pack of diapers is $24.99 at Target. Granted there are some that cost more and some that cost less, but the brand we prefer is $24.99. I have 35 diapers (6 more on the way from Amazon). I wash them twice a week. The cost of the water, soap, and my time is about $1.00 a week give or take based on her habits each day. That is worth the cost. 

What about convenience? Considering I work full-time, cloth diapers are not very convenient. However the money we save makes the inconvenience worth it. We are working hard this year to build up a second savings account for home repairs. We have to live below our means and this is just another way. It is also inconvenient to carry around a dirty diaper when we're out-and-about, but I'm okay with it. I use the plastic grocery bags to hold them in my diaper bag and then just take care of them when we get home. It's not that bad. 

There are some other perks that many don't think about. Whenever I say we use cloth diapers most Mama's make a stink face because all they can think of is poop. I'm thinking 1. I never run out of diapers. 2. My daughter enjoys how they feel more. 3. No chemicals on my baby's skin. 4. Easier to potty train. 

Some point out that it is better for the environment, but I don't look at it that way since we are still using energy to wash and dry the diapers and inserts. (I line dry the covers and put the inserts in my dryer.)

The biggest warning I can give for buying cloth diapers over disposables is that they are so cute you will become addicted to buying them. I have my newest batch coming this Friday. I am more excited than I should be. The addiction is real.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Great Grunter

I am not a new mom, but it sure does feel like it a lot of times. My son is now 10, soon to be 11, years-old. I also have an 8-month-old (at the time of this posting.) 

This time my little one has discovered a new sound that my husband and I just can't handle. GRUNTING! I don't mean grunting like she's pooping and it stops as soon as she's done. No, I mean grunting because no one is holding her. Grunting because it's bed time and she is fighting sleep. Grunting because it's Tuesday so why not. She grunts all. the. time! I'm losing my mind over this grunting. This is why my husband has now dubbed her "The Great Grunter". (She is currently sitting behind me playing with a reusable grocery bag and grunting about it.)

I don't know what to do about it at this point. It honestly sounds like she is trying to push her colon through to China! (Now that's a push.) When I do a search for it everything says that it starts with pooping when she's first born, but then turns into her form of communication for when she's frustrated, bored, or when wants something. 

Does anyone else's child do this? It's driving us up the wall! We're looking forward to when that part will stop.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Making a Comeback

It has been many years since I wrote on my blog. So many that my original was actually deleted by Google. I can honestly say that I do miss my old blog. I miss many of my old posts, espeically those about my issues with nursing. Yet I can honesly say I'm not the same person I was then. It has been about 9 years. In that time I've had many fertility issues, miscarrages, and, finally, my rainbow baby this past September. (You'll be hearing a lot about her. She's a hoot.) I've also had several different jobs teaching in inner city schools, worked with certain companies that claim they will allow you to make some extra cash on the side (all work on commission and I'm not that good of a sales person) and, more recently, I learned that my oldest is on the Autism spectrum. In the matter of 9 years, a lot has happened. Some of it worth discussing as a form of growth and some of it...well let's just say they were dark times. I'm glad to be back and I hope to write more often since I really do enjoy it so much. Now if only I can re-create some of those connections that I once had.

Cloth Diapers? Why?

High, my name is Sara and I'm addicted to cloth diapers.  10 years ago, when my son was first born, we had a major issue. He was (and st...